Book Review #61 – The Mime Order, by Samantha Shannon

Hello readers!

Here is my review for The Mime Order, the second book in The Bone Season series, by Samantha Shannon.

Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers for the first book.


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As I told you guys, I met Shannon at Comic Con, in the beginning of December. So, I moved The Mime Order a few steps in my TBR and got it as an e-book. Unfortunately, the paperback I wanted sold out at Comic Con and I still haven’t had the opportunity to get it. But I will, soon!

This book follows again Paige and her return to the city of Scion London, where the Syndicate, the organisation she works for, crumbles in corruption and death.

So, in case you don’t remember from my review of the first book (link here), I liked the book but I wasn’t 100% sold on the world. I’m not sure what it was but something didn’t felt right. But oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

This book is very different from The Bone Season. There, I thought the world was grim and sad but then I saw a colourful and all moving place in The Mime Order. The setting was so different, and vibrant. I completely feel in love with Scion London.

But the highlight of this book is the Syndicate. Its drama and hierarchy are completely fascinating. Every single member that’s presented is such an interesting character, with their flaws and individual traits.

This is an action packed book, with moments full of adrenaline. There’s never a dull one. My favourite part was the Scrimmage, of course, where all the leaders of different groups inside the Syndicate fight in order to choose their ultimate chief. It was such a bad ass scene, full of spirit fights, which I will always love. In the Q&A with the author at Comic Con, she said she was kinda insecure about that scene but I honestly don’t see why!

The only thing that still bugged the hell out of me was the romance between a 19 year old girl and a freaking immortal alien. It’s so so weird and I cannot turn off my mind to simply accept it. It’s cringy as hell. If that was dropped (which I highly doubt), I would probably enjoy this series a whole lot more.

I guess that between the two main plots, the Syndicate and the aliens, I prefer the first. Which probably explains why I liked this book better. Still, it’s a kick ass book and probably one of the reads I most enjoyed this year! The mythology is still great and I love each detail that’s shared, from both words.

I cannot wait for November 2016, when The Song Rising will be released! Specially since this second book ends with SUCH a freaking cliffhanger!! The excitement is beyond everything. I’m hoping for some chapters to be shared in the meanwhile.

Here’s my favourite quote:

Hope is the lifeblood of revolution. Without it, we are nothing but ash, waiting for the wind to take us.

But please let me know what you think of this book, and this series! Your opinions are always more than welcome!

See you next time around,



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