December Book Haul

Hello guys!

December was the month to read only books written by women and, coincidently, buy some of those too!


2015 was definitely my Throne of Glass year. To finish it off perfectly, I got as a present the latest instalment of the series! I’m currently reading it and I’m kinda bummed I couldn’t finish it sometime last year.

In Queen of Shadows, we again follow Celaena Sardothien and her mates. But this time, it’s time for a well awaited revenge.

Since I was so sad I couldn’t get this book in time to meet Shannon in early December, I just decided to get it anyway when I saw it laying in the bookstore! Now all I want is for the author to return so I can get it signed too!

This book tells the story of Paige, as she returns to Scion London and the mess that became of the Syndicate, the organisation she works for.

This was one of my favourite books of the year. But I got it as an e-book first and this drop-dead gorgeous edition was just too perfect but incredibly expensive for my broke wallet. So, as Christmas came, my lovely boyfriend got me a copy! I’m so happy! This is even more pretty in person, I swear. Now I just need to re-read the book!

In 1920’s New York, a murderer is on the loose! Evie O’Neill, a small town girl, just moved to the big city and is drawn to the middle of this mysterious case!

This was a good one! I’m more committed than ever to this whole “buying books I already read but not own yet”! I hope I can keep up with this new year’s resolution!

Did you guys bought any good books in December? What did you read? Let me know!

See you soon,



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