Graphic Novel/Manga Review #30 – Saga, Volume Four by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Hello guys!

It’s time for another Saga review! Beware the mild spoilers ahead! This is Saga, Volume Four by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.


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This isn’t my first Saga review, you can find them all here.

As usual, the story is divided in three major plot lines:

  • the runaway lovers, Marko and Alana, and their baby Hazel
  • the bounty hunter, The Will, and his “family”, Gwendolyn and Sophie
  • and the Robot Prince IV.

This volume is very very different from the other three. And that as odd to me.

Nothing really happens here. Where the other volumes are action packed and full of sex/violence, this one is more focused on feelings and emotions. After three volumes with a certain pace, it’s really odd to encounter something so different. That doesn’t mean the book isn’t great and an awesome follow up to the series. Because it is, but it felt flat to me.


I’m also not a big fan of near/completely cheating plots. It’s something that hits a bit too close to home so I get uncomfortable with them. Sure, nothing happens here but still, it was a down point for me.

But what did creep the hell out of me (in a good way) was one of the new characters presented, Dengo. He is a robot, so that itself it’s terrible (those TV heads are so creepy, I hate them). He’s a psycho with a motive, which is more scary. The most gory moments of the book are at his expense, and they are some of the ugliest so far (that’s saying a lot).

I am although in love with GhΓΌs!! He’s the most adorable thing, with his little pants and overall cute size. I love the way he talks too! He’s my new favourite ok. I’m a sucker for tiny human animal hybrids.


The art is still mindblowingly amazing and I cannot believe someone actually knows how to draw that well! I’m forever envious of Staple’s talent. (This wouldn’t be a Saga review if I didn’t say that, right?!)

Ok but don’t get me wrong! I still love this series and I still loved this book. It was just a read I wasn’t really expecting. I’m sure this was the natural progression of the story but it was weird to be thrown in the emotional rollercoaster like that! Maybe it’ll all feel more familiar with volume five! At least I hope so.

So, do you guys share my opinion? If not, what did you think of it? I want to know!

See you next time,



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