Graphic Novel/Manga Review #32 – The Wicked + The Divine Vol.2, Fandemonium by Kieron Gillen and and Jamie McKelvie

Hey guys!

Today’s review is about The Wicked + The Divine Vol.2, Fandemonium by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

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Volume 1 of this series was one of my absolute favourite reads of 2015 (you can see my review here). I loved the book so much, I kinda considered it to be one my favourite graphic novels series ever, although only one volume was out. When I saw I could have access to an ARC of Volume 3 through NetGalley, I immediately asked my boyfriend for his copy of 2, since I’ve dragging that read for some reason . Unfortunately, my opinion on the series has changed a lot since finishing this title.

But first, let’s remember what this story is about. Every 90 years, 12 gods come down to Earth and reincarnate in normal people. After two years, they die. In the time they’re here, they become pop stars, adored by many. In this second volume, our main character Laura is brought into the middle of the gods again and a conspiracy that seems to want to take them down.

I was so so excited to read this! I came home with it, planning to see a movie first but nope, I could not concentrated. I just picked the book immediately. I only could think one thing while reading this and it was “what?”. And I didn’t mean it in surprise but in confusion. The story is so messy… Both in events and how they’re told. Most of the time, I had no idea what was really happening and what the hell the characters where talking about. The wording is so confusing and the panel organisation isn’t the most natural to read either.


There’s never a dull moment in this book but not a lot happen. Does that make any sense? If you’ve read this, probably. What I mean is that there’s things happening throughout the story but they never really matter. Or don’t seem to, in the scheme of the story so far. I mean, what it feels to me is that the writer is coming up with the story as he thinks of stuff to include. After reading Volume 1, I cannot believe that this is what Gillen had planned for the story (if he planned anything at all past those first issues). Ah, but the ending! The last 12/13 pages are to die for!!! I was speechless for a whole good minute.

What I cannot complain about is the art. Once again, it’s beautiful and so amazingly done. I love the character design of each single one of the gods. Yes, Lucifer looks like David Bowie, Inanna like Prince, Sakhmet like Rihanna and Baphomet like any male rockstar you can imagine but they’re all freaking awesomely drawn. And there’s a lot of innovation in one of the issues, which presents the god Dionysus. The issue is a crazy party, very trippy both in layout and art style, which is basically different with each new page. The variants are once again beautiful, the artist chosen are spot on. I also loved the progression images included. Hell, I’m a sucker for bonus content in graphic novels!


While going through the last black pages of this book, I couldn’t avoid but to feel incredibly disappointed with it. I expected so many great things and ended up with a big big mess on my hands. So much potential and greatness put to waste. I was kind of devastated but the cliffhanger was so big I picked up volume 3 right way (mind you, it was already midnight). That review will come later this week too since it would only make sense to post them back to back.


So, have any of you read this book? Do you share my opinion or not? From what I saw online, I’m on the majority on this one but I’m always open to discussion!

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