ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #33 – The Wicked + The Divine Vol.3, Commercial Suicide by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Hey guys!

It’s time for another WicDiv review! I’ll talk about The Wicked + The Divine Vol.3, Commercial Suicide by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

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So, after the amazing thing that was Vol.1 (review here) and the disappointment the was Vol.2 (review here), I was a bit apprehensive to start Vol.3 but I did so right away.

Once again, the premise of the story remains: every 90 years, 12 gods come to Earth and live two years as rockstars. Although, this time around, things aren’t that smoothly and someone is taking down the gods one by one.

Right when I saw page one, I noticed something odd: the art. It was very different. That was not McKelvie’s style, at all. The style is prolongated during one issue. Another one comes and it changes again. And so on, during the whole volume, which means six different artists. They are: Kate Brown, Tula Lotay, Jamie McKelvie (as usual), Stephanie Hans, Leila Del Duca and Brandon Graham. I have a lot of mixed thoughts about these changes. Two of the artists, Lotay and Graham, I found particularly terrible. Lotay does an unthinkable thing, in my opinion: a character is in the exact same position in two different panels! That’s a big no no in comic books. Her art is really pretty in some points and completely messy and sloppy in others. It seems like she was only into some parts of the process of creating the issue. Graham’s is just not my style, at all. The lines are weird, the colours so washed out and uninteresting and the characters kinda unrecognisable. On the other hand, I quite enjoyed Hans and Del Duca’s art. But, in general, I didn’t think any of these artists really fitted into the world of WicDiv. What McKelvie did for the past 11 issues of this series is completely defining of it! Half of the glamour of the story is in the art!! The gods don’t live the same way without McKelvie’s hand. Which makes me wonder, why did this happen? From what I can understand, he was tired. After the volume ends, there’s this few pages of extras called Videogames and there it is explained that he was “away”. What I don’t understand is why not simply take a break. Other big creative teams in comics do that. Why compromise the continuity of the series? I don’t get it really. I want the original art back, that’s all I could think of while reading this book.

Ok, but let’s talk about the story. One issue in this volume matters. And the plot there is basically all told by one character, talking directly to the reader… So yeah, not that exciting (although definitely important). Not everything is clear, but it’s promising and it made curious to want to continue reading the series. But the other five issues are just backstories on the gods! Why?! There’s so much stuff happening at the present time of the story, why give so much to the past? I don’t see how it is relevant, maybe it will be later on. But once again I felt like Gillen didn’t really plan the direction of the story and just goes with the flow. Which is perfectly fine, if it doesn’t become evident in the end result. Commercial Suicide feels like a big filler. The last chapter of the book, called appropriately “The Inevitable Cliffhanger”, felt a bit flat and anti-climatic. With such heart throbbing endings, this particular one felt underwhelming. I’m still curious to see what comes next though.

I think that this is the volume with more bonus content. It features what I already reference, Videogames, a series of little recorded moments of the gods. And the usual variant art and progress. There’s a cover from Grimes, a musician and visual artist I much appreciate. It was also really interesting to see the differences between the progress of all six artists. Humans are in fact very particular from each other, with all their little quirks. Since I received a digital copy, I don’t have images to share (which saddens me but oh well).

So that’s that. I’m once again disappointed and sad about the turns this so promising series had. I will definitely continue it but I’ll surely control my enthusiasm. I hope a much needed surprise happens in the next volume, I want it desperately.

I know this is a particularly recent read but I’m very much interested in discussing it with any fellow WicDiv fans! 😀 In case you’ve read this title or the issues included in it, let’s talk!

See you guys soon,



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