25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hello guys!

No one actually tagged me to this but it looked like so much fun, I decided to do it either way! Here are so bookish facts about me.


  1. I very much prefer paperbacks to hardbacks
  2. I only read in public transportations, I can’t do it anywhere that has internet (specially at home)
  3. I don’t organize my shelves in any particular way (only series sit together, books by the same author don’t)
  4. My godfather is the only other bookworm in the family
  5. Libraries are my second home
  6. I only recently found e-books and audiobooks. I love them both now
  7. My favourite genre is either fantasy or sci-fi
  8. I started reading when I was very young but I only started reading a lot in the last three/four years
  9. Only recently I started considering working for a publisher, probably doing some design work
  10. I also only recently discovered that I really like non-fiction, specially if they’re written by female comedians
  11. According to goodreads I want to read 382 books
  12. And I’ve read 282 already
  13. And I own 133
  14. Most of my want-to-read books are more of a “the cover is pretty” than “this sounds interesting”
  15. I collect bookmarks
  16. I always have a book with me, even if I know I won’t have time to read
  17. I officially started double stacking my books this month, March 2016
  18. I wish I could buy more bookish merch, like t-shirts or socks (not a bookish fact but I really like socks)
  19. My shelves are guarded by my funko pop vinyls (Princess Leia, Sadness from Inside Out and Adipose from Doctor Who) and some cubeecraft (a Tardis, Totoro, Finn from Adventure Time, Tobias from Arrested Development, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim, the Joker, Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Yoda)
  20. I love graphic novels, if they were the only genres that ever existed I wouldn’t complain
  21. I buy books either new or second hand
  22. Although I rarely buy something that costs more than 10€ (I’m very cheap)
  23. My favourite book is Death with Interruptions by José Saramago. my least favourite book is The Trial, by Franz Kafka
  24. I never thought I would enjoy taking photos of books and reviewing them as much as I do now! But I can’t really imagine having any other hobby
  25. If I see any of my favourite books I will go ahead and just touch them gently (you can ask my boyfriend, he’ll confirm this)

This was really a lot more difficult than what I thought! Thinking of interesting things about myself is always a though on.

Please share some bookish facts about yourself with me! I would love to know you guys better!

See you next time,



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