Book Review #78 – It’s Just a Jump to the Left, by Libba Bray

Hey guys!

Here’s a review for a short story! It’s It’s Just a Jump to the Left, by Libba Bray.


I’ve read The Diviners in the summer and I can say that I’m still very much obsessed with that book. I merely picked it because of the pretty cover but immediately feel in love with what Bray had created. I’ve come across this short story while searching for more of her work and the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference got my really interested!

Friends Agnes and Leta go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s midnight screening every friday night, in costume. It’s their ritual. But everything change’s when Agnes gets herself a boyfriend and leaves Leta alone right at the time she needs her best friend the most.

First of all, the Rocky Horror setting completely warmed my heart. That’s one of my favourite films ever. And the atmosphere created with this short is so loving of that movie, I felt really at home. I loved how each chapter is named after one of the film’s songs. They can seem random, but they are not, believe me. They were chosen perfectly. All the references throughout the story really made me give this story a lot of positive points!

Although this isn’t really a groundbreaking narrative, I really enjoyed it regardless. As you can see from the synopsis, its premise is something explored in several YA novels. And since they’re longer, the topics are a bit more explored there. But I’m not trying to take merit from this short book. I though it was very touching. A lot of different issues where approached, with care and kindness. In my opinion, the author completely captured what it’s like to be a teen and starting to discover ourselves while dealing with everything else surrounding us at the same time.

For such a short read, not only are a lot of things happening and issues covered, but the characters also go thorough a lot of transformation, specially Leta. There’s a lot going on for that girl. And a lot of it isn’t nice. What made me dislike this book a bit is that there’s no prospect for her life to become a bit better, which kinda sucks because Leta deserved it. But I guess that’s just life really.

This isn’t really an happy read but I think it was heartwarming in a way and quite important for younger audiences (although it has some sex/drugs references). You can buy a digital copy of this title online or get it from the library, like I did. I think it’s an interesting read if you’re in the mood for something short!

If any of you have read this, what did you think? Also, I finished Lair of Dreams a while ago (review will come soon) and I’m not sure what else to read from Bray. The Gemma Doyle series doesn’t seem like my cup of tea but if you have suggestions, let me know!

See you guys soon,



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