ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #37 – Paper Girls Vol.1, by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson

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Today’s review is about Paper Girls Vol.1, by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson! In stores now!

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You guys know that I’m a fan of Vaughan’s work (you can see my reviews for Saga here), so of course that when I knew he was working on another graphic novel series, I wanted it badly! Thanks to Image Comics for making this available on NetGalley!

Paper Girls is the story of four newspaper delivery girls that, in the early morning hours after Halloween 1988, are caught in a very odd situation (weird creatures are involved).

Not only was the premise peculiar enough to make me curious, but I was also very captivated by the art. This was, of course, a recipe for success.

I literally flew through this! The story is just so interesting. All the events are a bit confusing because they’re not clear. The idea is to just present a situation/plot and then develop it in later issues so, I guess it’s normal to feel a bit dazed by everything happening in this first volume. However, it did not put me off the book, by any means. I went through each page wanting to know more and more (and I did get that but, of course, not all).

There’s also so many wtf moments! That’s set right from page one, where you can see an astronaut whose head turns out to have a deer skull in it! I was like “now, that’s Vaughan!”. I was already excited at that point. The plot is filled with segments both funny and incredibly scary at the same time. Honestly, this book was a roller coaster of emotions and I can’t complain about that. I was at the edge of my seat all the time, laughing and crying and suffering. At first, I was getting this Goonies vibe from the book, but then the sci-fi hit and my mind was blown.

But what really shinned through were the amazing four little ladies. For 12 year olds, these girls are just amazing. You learn so much about them all in such little time. They’re incredibly complex and different from each other. Between Mac, Erin, Tiffany and KJ, I can’t really tell you who is the best because they’re all freaking remarkable, in their own ways. They also make a perfectly diverse group, totally representing the true reality of a neighbourhood in America.

One of the few criticism I’ve seen regarding this book is about the wave of 80’s nostalgia that seems to be overwhelming our culture these days. I can’t say I agree with that, at all.  In fact, I think people that say that must have not read the book yet. Yes, this is set at that time but it has barely any references to it, besides the walkie talkies and the tape player! It is more about the characters and the weird situation than about life in that decade.

And oh boy, the art!! The previews did not get me with high hopes for nothing! Any Vaughan’s work needs an artist that can deliver his weirdness perfectly. And I think Chiang and Wilson do an amazing job. Actually, I was incredibly sad that the galley I received from this book had such low quality. It prevented me from fully appreciate the beauty of the art. Nevertheless, I’m absolutely in love with it! The colour palette is my aesthetics and the characters design is perfect, just to stand a few things out!

Panels taken from Kotaku’s article

As you can see, I really really liked Paper Girls. In fact, I think I love it the more I think about it. This first title is really promising. I found it excellent but I think the next one will blow more people out, since I can understand that the confusion in this one can be a little off putting to some. To anyone interested in this but afraid of that, I’ll just say: go with the flow and you’ll be fine!

I know this is quite recent but have any of you got a chance to read it? Let me know if you share my opinions or not!

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2 thoughts on “ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #37 – Paper Girls Vol.1, by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson

  1. I ordered this yesterday as soon as I saw who the author was! He is a trusted man. I hope it doesn’t take forever to get to me because my saga withdrawals are getting to much and I have a feeling this will help. Plus the artwork looks stunning!


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