Crows on Heartstrings – an Anthology of Doomed Love Stories

Hello guys!

Today I want to talk to you about a totally gorgeous project that came to my attention! It is called Crows on Heartstrings – an Anthology of Doomed Love Stories, curated by Aubrey Meeks.


Crows on Heartstrings is a collection of short stories paired with their own illustrations, plus two comics. They are sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, period pieces of epic tales of love.

I’m not that much of a romantic girl, although I do like a good love story now and then. Aubrey contacted me on Tumblr and I feel in love with the whole project from the moment I saw the cover. Those colours are my aesthetic, completely! Purple and pink are my favourite combination. Then I saw the authors and the kind of illustrators involved and wow! Some I recognised from Tumblr even. There are so many talented people involved in this project!

The book is being kickstarted, which means they’re in need of donations to actually print and publish the book. In their page, you can see all the rewards (they’re some amazing stuff even for smaller donations) and there’s sneak peeks being posted, and many more to come of course!

Read more about the project and the artists involved on the project’s Tumblr page and all their donation info in their Kickstarter.

I’m really curious to see this book finished, read the stories and see the illustrations! I’ll be reviewing it when it’s out but I want to promote it since I really believe in it! It looks amazing and if I can do anything to help, I will! If you share my opinion, please consider donating! Or at least, check it out in any of the websites above and share them!

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent. I’m currently finishing my degree, which is sucking out not only my time but also my life and creativity. Every time I try to write, I end up feeling like I need to work on my final project or just staring at the blank page, without anything flowing out. I’m not sure if I’ll really put this blog on hiatus but for now, I’ll just pop in occasionally. Don’t miss me much!

See you soon,



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