Mini reviews #5

Hey guys!

Here’s the last of the mini reviews! Today’s titles are Monsters of Men, by Patrick Ness and Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray.

Monsters of Men, by Patrick Ness

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Ah man, I’m still not over this book. It hurts so much when I think of it but I’m going to try and write something coherent. You should read my reviews for book 1 and book 2 before.

This is the final instalment of the Chaos Walking trilogy. We continue to follow Todd and Viola as they literally fight for their place in this new world, against adults and the natives.

The story wastes no time. It begins right where we left, at the end of book 2. Coincidentally, it’s right before everything goes to hell. There was a lot of stuff I liked about this book but I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Ness has the most amazing characters. Every single one, even the most secondary, are incredibly complex and deep. They are my favourite thing about his books.

Although this title’s plot focus a lot on war, I didn’t dislike it as much as I thought. But it also was a bit repetitive. Attack, counter attack, wait, repeat. I was kinda sick of that format after a while, but I didn’t dislike it completely. Also, for a moment, I thought that the characters were safe, but goddamn, I was wrong. Sometimes, when they go through a lot and survive, you may start to feel relieve and security. That was my biggest mistake while reading this.

As the final title of a series, this book is awesome. It closes everything that needed to be closed, while it still brings new plots to the table. I’m very sad to say goodbye to this characters and world but I’m happy with how it all ended. I just love this series to pieces. I can’t wait to see if the movie is going to happen or not. Also, if you haven’t picked this series yet, what are you doing with your life?!

Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray

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I’m a big Star Wars fan. Like, those are some of my favourite movies and my wardrobe is 75% SW shirts. I even have a lightsaber tattoo! Thing is, I was almost completely ignorant to the existence of the books, not only of the old but also the new canon. It was time to change that. I choose to go with the new canon wanted to pick the books in the same order they were released but for some reason, I completely missed the existence of Aftermath. So I read Lost Stars first.

This story happens between the start of Episode IV and the end of Episode VI. It follows Ciena and Thyrell, these Juliet-Romeo kind friends (and after, lovers), while they dream to become Imperial pilots, train to do so and realise that maybe everything isn’t perfect with the Empire.

I was kinda on the fence when I started this, to be honest. It seemed like easy cash for Lucasfilm and Disney but I really can’t say no to Star Wars. Luckily, I absolutely loved this book!

At first, it was really strange to experience Star Wars through words and not images. I’m really bad with names, specially of stuff like machines and vehicles. I kept going to my phone to google things. It isn’t strictly necessary but it’s definitely a help. And it’s definitely better that you know a bit about that universe already, of course. Still, I quickly got used to it and dived totally into the story. It was strange to deal with the pace too. Years go by with just a change of paragraph. You never know what’s next, really. But then I realised the core of this book: it’s cinematic. Every scene is like a scene of a movie, nearly each sentence being a new shot. It’s so different from what I’m used to, it was a pleasure to read.

I pretty much loved everything in this book but I have to stand out the action scenes. They were so much fun! I don’t read sci-fi books with action often, probably should change that. I also loved the romance. Ciena and Thyrell are awesome characters individually and even more when together. They compliment and challenge each other so beautifully. The opposites views and opinions on the Empire that they brought to the table were really interesting to read about. I mean, you always see the Empire as the bad guys but there must be people who want to believe in what it stands, right? And there’s genuinely good people there too. I never saw that being explored so the change was very much appreciated. I also couldn’t resist to all the cameos present, like my babe Darth Vader and Leia Organa! I had little fangirl moments.

I would absolutely recommend this book to any young Star Wars fan! It’s great to settle your urge while waiting for the new movies to come out!

So, any of you read any of these titles? Let me know your opinions please!

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    • yeeees, you were so right! my friend (who has no interest in the series, he didn’t even knew about it before seeing me with this book) went to see the last few pages and started tearing up. he said “you’re going to die” and I was like yup, most likely. that’s what happened. I’m still dead


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