ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #39 – Re*Pro*Duct, by Austin Wilson, Logan Faerber and David C. Hopkins

Hello guys!

Here’s my review for Re*Pro*duct, by Austin Wilson, Logan Faerber and David C. Hopkins.

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I saw this title on NetGalley and found myself quite fascinated by the cover. I then realise that I follow one of the authors on Tumblr! I’m always down to support my friends, so I picked this up. That isn’t going to affect my opinion, though.

This book is set in a world where people and robots live together as one community. We follow Chad, a robot, as he lives in this human world, dealing with all its troubles and quirks.

I have to say that I understood close to nothing of the first part of this book. It was very hard to get a grip of the lingo and whatever Chad and his robot friends were doing in a club, sticking fake tattoos on random girls… Seriously, I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I still have no idea what that was about. I won’t even try to guess, I’m that lost. I was  fearful for the next pages of the graphic novel.

Luckily, the story swifts from that and travels to something a lot more personal and deep. Chad is a very complex character, which makes his interactions with the other characters (specially the human ones) a lot more interesting. Still, even with all the hints and plot unveilings, I’m not sure where the story is heading or what this comic really is about. I am intrigued though so I’ll pick volume two when ti comes out.

My favourite part was definitely how each section of the story has a different colour. The art is mainly back and one colour, which keeps changing. I found that beautiful and it held interest as I read. Overall, the art is very beautiful! Definitely complex and original, different from the more tradicional styles you may be familiar with.

In the end, this comic features two bonus/side stories. They were wonderful, specially the one called “Trio”. They raised important questions and the artists did an amazing job illustrating that world and how it feels.

I would recommend this book if you’re looking for graphic novels with more of a deep narrative rather than explosions or action. You’ll be left with many topics to ponder upon and I just love those kinds of reads.

If you’re read this book or seen it around, let me know!

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