ARC | Book Review #90 – Iron Cast, by Destiny Soria

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It’s time for my review of Iron Cast, by Destiny Soria!

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Firstly, let’s talk about how freaking gorgeous that cover is. Seriously! I saw a photo of the book since my friend was reading it, and I immediately went to look for it online. After reading the synopsis, I knew this book was perfect for me because that time period + paranormal is the key to my heart. Luckily, there were arcs available on NetGalley. I never clicked request so hard.

It’s 1919 and Boston is roaring with clubs full of people who can create illusions through art: the hemopaths. Ada and Corinne have been friends since they were both taken in by a gangster and owner of Cast Iron Club, Johnny Dervish. When he goes missing, the girls take on themselves to find out why and ultimately save their home, the club.

If you know me one bit, you know that my favourite time period is the Jazz Age. Sure, this book is set a bit before that but it still has that feeling, just as things were getting started. The characters and the settings fit perfectly and completely give you that time period feeling.

It’s not very common to find a YA book more focused on friendships (specially female) so you may guess my pleasant surprise when right from the beginning, I see this two wonderful girls care more for each other than for any of their love interests. I’m not an insensitive person, I like to be loved and feel loved but from my experience, that’s not everything in life. That’s why I love books that mix a bit of everything and not just focus on one aspect of it. Corinne and Ada are different in everything, but that’s what makes them close and, to be honest, I wish I had a friendship like theirs.

I also really enjoyed the paranormal aspect of this book. It felt very well founded and I had no problem believing or comprehending it. I loved to read the illusion parts. They were all so beautifully described, Soria really shined with them. Besides, I never read a book with gifts powered by art so that felt really refreshing and interesting to me.

If I didn’t knew this was the author’s first book, I don’t think I could have tell either. She does a fantastic work creating this world and its inhabitants. There’s a big array of different and diverse characters, all very rounded and particular. The plot itself may not be the most original thing about this book but it’s so well done!

But let me talk about my favourite thing about this title and how it’s the little details that make a book stand out. Ada is mixed raced. Her father is white and her mother is black, coming from Mozambique. That country is an old Portuguese colony which means they speak portuguese besides their native languages. I shared before, but I am from Portugal, so it was such a wonderful surprise when I encountered actual, good, proper grammar portuguese! Ada’s father even has a portuguese name! After the horrible experience I had with Ink and Bone (more about that here), it felt pretty amazing to see an author care and actually put something accurate in their book. Seriously, I was so happy! Nothing better than see a bit of yourself correctly represented in media.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a stand alone book but I would definitely read a sequel for it. Or anything else Destiny Soria comes up with, honestly. I would strongly recommend this book! It’s a must-read for any The Diviners fan, for sure! I’m going to buy a finished copy of this, since I loved it so much and definitely see myself wanting to re-read it soon! October is really close and you should definitely pre-order this title or add it to your TBR. You won’t regret it!

If you’ve already read this, let me know what you thought!

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