Book Review #91 – Unicorn Tracks, by Julia Ember

Hello guys!

Here is my review of Unicorn Tracks, by Julia Ember!

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I have to admit, before being contacted by the author, I had seen this book around. I always found the cover gorgeous (and unique, since watercolours isn’t really used in design) but then I saw the words “lesbian romance” and “unicorns” and I was like COUNT ME IN.

Mnemba leaves her small village to go work with her cousin as a safari guide, in Nazwimbe, a country full of mystical creature. One day, a tourist from another continent and his daughter come to research unicorns, making Mnemba finding herself unbelivably attracted to Kara but also in the middle of a criminal scheme organised by a gang that enslaves the beautiful beings.

As usual, I try to go as blank as possible to books but in this case, I didn’t even read the synopsis in full. At first, it was very odd to get accustomed to this being a fantasy book but that happening was my own fault. However, even after I realised how it all worked, there was still things I felt were missing. The world building needed to be a bit more explored, although that’s really my only issue with this book. I found the way the fantasy element was treated to be very original. To incorporate this kind of Africa-like place to a genre so full of european medieval times, is refreshing and definitely makes this book strand out in a crowd.

I found Mnemba and honestly, all the characters, really great. They have such big, real personalities! They jumped from the pages and made the world really transpire. Give me books with good characters and it’s half way to my heart. Mnemba and her story are very important and I felt like she is a good example for all girls and people who have suffered any kind of traumatic experience. The explorations of the concept of forgiveness were really thoughtful. Mnemba’s relationship with Kara is so amazingly developed, I swooned a bit every time. Sometimes, in fiction, relationships are built on romantic gestures but I don’t think that’s all that should be be. The support, jokes and mischief shared by the two girls was beautiful to read about. Of course, those moments are helped by the great writing. Still, girls loving girls is such a great topic, let’s start a petition to have more books about that in YA!

Well, I really liked this book. It’s a fantasy book but so refreshing in so many ways, I can’t help but recommend it. It is original and super entertaining, perfect for any time of the year or to get out of a slump! Go read it!!

If you’re read this, please let me know what you thought of it!

See you guys soon,



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