Changes coming to Cat’s Shelf

Hello guys!

Quick post today. As you may have noticed, posts on Cat’s Shelf have become rare and scarce with time.

Long story short: I graduated from college last July. In the months before, I was super busy making my final project, which was an animated short! As you may guess, that takes a lot of time and effort and, unfortunately, I didn’t had the strength to do much else. After being officially done with school, my little friend depression stopped by. Just over a week after I got my degree I started feeling very useless and like my life was pointless. Truth is, I know I was being ridiculous but the thought of being alone at home 24/7 really brought me down. In retrospective, I should have taken more advantage of the free time but I just couldn’t. So I decided to start looking for jobs. But for a girl just out of college, with no real experience in any field of work, that turned out to be very hard. I started looking to internships instead. Since then, I’ve been doing a try-out period and I’m starting the real deal soon! I’m working as a graphic designer for a consulting company. The job allows me to be creative, do things more monotonous, but more importantly, learn loads about the “real world”!

So, as you can see, time or energy is not something I have to spare. And unfortunately, this blog and my whole presence online have suffered a bit. I’ve tried to continue posting the same kind of stuff I’ve always put out but I don’t think that format has been working as it once did, at least when my blog is concerned. But I don’t want to give up either. With that in mind, I’ve decided to try a new format and kind of post, more quick and different, to see if it makes me more excited and eager to post, like I used to. I’m going to do a bullet point kind of review. Still organised and with all the details I like to include, no worries. I have yet to work out all the specifics, but I think this is pretty much it.

If you’re read this far, I hope you continue to stick by. Thank you for your time, attention and love over the las few months. You’ve seen bad time for me and my blog but mark my words, you haven’t seen the last of us.

I hope you have been reading good books and having a good time overall. See you guys soon,



6 thoughts on “Changes coming to Cat’s Shelf

  1. Hi Cat! I’m sorry depression decided to stop by and tell you stuff that you didn’t need to hear. I’m glad you’re getting real world experiences now, though! The fact that your blogging style is about to change just means that you’ve grown a tad bit, and I love love love that your telling us all before hand. And duuhhhh! Of course I’ll stick around! 💕


  2. That’s cool! 🙂
    I’ve been blogging for 3 years, and last year I started feeling a bit tired with it. Then uni life started again, and I simply didn’t have time to post anything (not that I wanted to) for months. Then I used my time from the summer holidays to read books and post again. I changed the format of my posts and write only when I feel like doing so. Some two weeks ago, I even completely changed the look of my blog.
    I think the big difference is I stopped writing for an audience. My earlier posts used to get quite many views (they still do), but it ended in me putting much pressure on myself to keep posting things regularly and in a fancy way. Now, my posts are seldom viewed or liked, but I am again enjoying blogging. Sometimes change is necessary to rekindle something dying.

    All the best with your blog! 🙂


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