Book Review #95 – The Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis

Hello guys!

Here is my review for the complete Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis.

Disclaimer: this is a review of all the books in the series, and it might contain a couple of spoilers.

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  • magical world
  • occasionally funny



  • christian morality shoved down your throat every two pages
  • bland af characters
  • no real danger or fear for the characters since Aslan always appears to save the day
  • the most terrible ending of all series, ever



On boy, where do I even start… I’m very disappointed with this series. Never read it as a child because it didn’t real appeal to me at the time but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had. I just couldn’t pass through all the jesus/heaven metaphors without rolling my eyes. There were some books I enjoyed more than others, like The Horse and His Boy, and The Silver Chair, but overall, the characters and the plot were so bland, I was bored to death. Still, I thought this was a pretty ok series, until the last book came along and I just wanted to throw it against a wall. I’ve never been more disgusted at an ending of a series, or a book in general, for that matter. It’s even more moralistic and religious than the other titles, with a dash of racism and sexism. It had nothing to do with the other titles and it just felt like a poor excuse of a book.
I wouldn’t jump to recommend this book, specially if you’re an adult. And even if you’re a child or a teen, I’m not sure these are the best morals you want to learn. It took me all my life to actually read these books and I’m happy I did, even if I’m very sad with how they turned out to be.

Any fans out there? Tell me what you thought, either way!

See you guys soon,



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