Book Review #101 – Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins

Hello guys!

Here is my review for Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins!

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Falling in love in the world’s most romantic city is easy for hopeless dreamer Isla and introspective artist Josh. But as they begin their senior year at the School of America in Paris, Isla and Josh are quickly forced to deal with the heartbreaking reality that happily-ever-afters aren’t always forever. Their romantic journey is skillfully intertwined with those of beloved couples Anna and etienne and Lola and Cricket, whose paths are destined to collide in a sweeping finale certain to please fans old and new.



  • we get a little cameo from the characters from the other books



  • develops way to quickly, leaving space for forced conflict
  • super boring, since nothing happens and when it does, it takes forever to actually take place
  • apparently stalking your crush on the internet is super normal so of course you know their father’s middle name (this is one example, there’s so many more) but Isla is a creep in my book
  • the quirkiness of names and the weathiness of everyone starts to get really annoying after three books



So, I guess me liking Anna and the French Kiss was a totally one off thing… Although I didn’t hate Isla and the Happily Ever After as much as I hated Lola and the Boy Next Door, I can’t say I liked it either. I’ve admitted many times that I’m not that big of a fan of contemporary YA but I’m starting to really realize that I definitely should stay away from this kinds of books. There’s nothing wrong with romance but book after book I’m confronted with perfect kisses and sex, every time, all the time. I want realism, I want people who might have great chemistry and unbelievable love for each other and still fail to have every single moment with their partner to be perfect. Am I asking too much?! It kinda feels like it. The quirkyness of names and backgrounds didn’t annoy me in Anna but it did in Lola and also in this one. Besides, the story was boring and slow af and the character where just paper thin. The only scene I enjoyed is when all the main characters from the three books come together. Other than that, reading this book was a pain I wish could have ended sooner. But that concludes the series for me, and I’m glad have read it, regardless.

So, I wasn’t a fan of this book. Or this series for that matter. What are your thoughts on it? Please let me know!

See you guys soon,



8 thoughts on “Book Review #101 – Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins

  1. I’ve read both Anna’s and Lola’s stories, loved them as a teen, but found them not so good as an adult. I also find it really tedious and overdone that characters usually are supremely attractive and have that instant connection with one another – I just didn’t find that to be the case in real life. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this one and I hope your next read is better. 💖


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