ARC | Book Review #102 – Being a Girl, by Hayley Long

Hello guys!

Here is my review for Being a Girl, by Hayley Long and illustrated by Gemma Correll.

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Other books give you the facts — BEING A GIRL tells you the truth!

Being a girl is awesome. It can also be really, really hard. And no one knows that better than girls who are going through it right now. From BFFs to Mean Girls, selfies to self-esteem, pimples and periods and peer pressure, Being a Girl tells it like it is. Friendly, funny, reassuring, and totally honest, this is the book mothers will wish they had had when they were younger, and the one girls will turn to again and again.



  • informative and helpful little book for young girls
  • easy to read and entertaining format
  • cute illustrations



  • definitely a read for younger audiences


Although this book didn’t really tell me anything new or that I didn’t know before, I think it is a good read for younger girls. It will explain, in a straight forward and adult way, about the many aspects of what’s it like to be a girl. Some “advice” can be a bit narrowing when it comes to life views and approach but, in the other hand, it was also inclusive and it focused on more aspects outside the heteronormativity of society. The illustrations by Gemma Correll and the way they were incorporated with the book’s format made it really pleasant and easy to read. My favourite chapter was called “Herstory” and it covered some important women history tends to overlook.

This is something I would recommend for your younger sisters, cousins or friends but regardless, an important read.

Have any of you heard of this book? Let me know below!

See you guys soon,



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