#READINDIE Book Review #114 – Trick, by Natalia Jaster

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I am so excited to bring you today my first #ReadIndie review! It’s Trick, by Natalia Jaster.

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There is a rule amongst his kind: A jester doesn’t lie.

In the kingdom of Whimtany, Poet is renowned. He’s young and pretty, a lover of men and women. He performs for the court, kisses like a scoundrel, and mocks with a silver tongue.

Yet allow him this: It’s only the most cunning, most manipulative soul who can play the fool. For Poet guards a secret. One the Crown would shackle him for. One that he’ll risk everything to protect.

Alas, it will take more than clever words to deceive Princess Briar. Convinced that he’s juggling lies as well as verse, this righteous nuisance of a girl is determined to expose him.

But not all falsehoods are fiendish. Poet’s secret is delicate, binding the jester to the princess in an unlikely alliance . . . and kindling a breathless attraction, as alluring as it is forbidden.

*Mature YA: sexual content and language. Intended for readers 17 and older*



  • tries to start a good conversation about how mental disabilities are dealt
  • interesting writing



  • way too much romance and sex for me
  • the characters are a bit one dimensional



When someone told me this had a lot of romance and sex, I was a bit reticent in reading but I loved the cover so I thought, why not? At first, this book is really confusing because the two main characters have this instant plot connect with no explanation whatsoever? For a good chunk I couldn’t take their bickering and teasing serious because I just couldn’t understand how that came to be. The middle of this book is definitely the most interesting and when both the writing and the characters really became something. The ending was a bit predictable but that’s ok, it makes sense with the story. I have to admit, though, that I skipped the sex parts. I don’t have any problems with sex but for some reason reading sex scenes make me really uncomfortable? It’s weird and I never understood why this is but more and more I have to just move forward from that kind of content. Anyway, what I’m trying to say that this is a typical “it’s not you, it’s me” read. Even if this title has some “fantasy” aspects, it’s through and through a romance book and those are just not my type. Although if you’re a fan and if you are craving some different setting, this will definitely be your thing.

If you’re wondering what the heck is #ReadIndie you can find my post all about it here! The first half of december in Cat’s Shelf (and many other awesome blogs) will be dedicated to indie books so stay tuned for more interesting stuff to come!

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