ARC | #READINDIE Book Review #115 – Crows on Heartstrings, edited by Aubrey Meeks

Hello everyone!

Here is one more review of an awesome indie title. It’s Crows on Heartstrings, edited by Aubrey Meeks.



Crows on Heartstrings is a new adult collection of doomed love stories.

International writers craft harrowing tales of families torn apart by entities unknown, lovers cursed by fairies, siblings fighting monsters, and more. No type of love is safe from these tragedies. Gay, straight, romantic, familial, friendly, no matter what your shape or color, Crows on Heartstrings has something for you.

The contributors to Crows on Heartstrings take an anti-discriminatory viewpoint and stretch it across genres. Fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, period and contemporary pieces make up the content in Crows on Heartstrings’ comics, poems, and short stories

These aren’t just romances, they’re epic tales of doom.



  • wide range of story genres
  • beautiful illustrations
  • will make you want to read and read, never putting the book down



  • besides some small typos, I have none to point



I’ve been hearing and been teased about this book for the longest time. From second one I believe this would be a terrific project. My hopes were through the roof but I was not disappointed in the slightest. As a collection of stories, the only thing they have in common is the theme of the anthology – doomed love. Besides that, this book is a collection of different genres, different characters, different art styles, even different mediums. It’s not that I’ve been in a reading slump per se, but I have been struggling to find the will to actually want to read and not just keep the habit (if that makes any sense). But for the first time in a while, I actually didn’t want to put a book down. Every time I finished with a story, I saw the illustration for the next and just wanted to learn what it had to tell me. And when it ended I just wanted more and more stories. But of course, there were some I liked most than others. My favourites were A Bullet by Death’s Riffle by Emily A. Duncan and illustrated by Sonia Liao, Carnival Brier by J. F. Geroux and illustrated by Aicha Wijland and Witch Child by Lane Hansen and illustrated by Audrey San Juan. These were atmospheric and totally immersive. There was just one I didn’t like, and that was Raised in Captivity by Alexis Brown and illustrated by Katarzyna “PannaN” Witerscheim (although the illustration is amazing).

Anyway, reading this was an incredible experience to me and I want EVERYONE TO GO READ THIS SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT OUR FAVOURITES (I didn’t need to shout but know you definitely get my point). Please let me know if you have indeed pick this already or if you want to!

See you guys soon,



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