Manga/Graphic Novel Review #48 – Silk, Vol:0, The Life and Times of Cindy Moon, by Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, Annapaola Martello and Tana Ford

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Here is my review for Silk, Vol:0, The Life and Times of Cindy Moon, by Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, Annapaola Martello and Tana Ford.

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Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe when we first learned that she had been bitten by the same radioactive spider from the Spider-Verse arc of Amazing Spider-Man!
She then went on to save Peter Parker’s life (more than once!) and traverse the Spider-Verse alongside Spider-Woman. Now, as Silk, Cindy is on her own in New York City, searching for her past, defining her own future, and webbing up wrong-doers along the way! Robbie Thompson (writer from TV’s Supernatural) fills this new story with his unique blend of antics and feels. Featuring interiors by future superstar Stacey Lee.



  • Cindy Moon has the coolest name and it’s actually cool herself
  • I think it’s pretty much the only piece of media that didn’t make me hate Peter Parker even more
  • I’m very invested in her quest for her family
  • gorgeous, gorgeous art



  • Cindy is kinda too good at everything
  • what’s up with Black Cat, though?
  • were those tie ins and cameos really necessary?



It’s no news that I really dislike Peter Park and his Spider Man. I just can’t stand him. So when I was told there was a version of him that was female, korean and had pretty much had all of Spider Man’s power, I was super in. I had no other previous contact with her so I had no idea what even her backstory was. Fortunately, there was a little info at the beginning of this title that really helped me! At first, though, it was a bit difficult for me to get into the story and her quest. She seems a bit too good at literally everything. Her fighting and domane over her skills isn’t nearly perfect but still she can manage to do pretty good, which at times felt really unreal. I hate the term Mary Sue but, if I was to apply it, to Silk I would. But, after a while, I got really invested in her quest to find her family and I really hope she does. Although, I’m not so sure about the other part of the plot. I didn’t really understand the whole beef with Black Cat or why Black Cat was being such a dick to Silk. I kinda think it’s because of Parker and that only makes it worse. My least favourite thing about super hero comics on general is the ridiculous amount of cameos and tie-ins and oh boy, did this one have them… The Fantastic Four popped in at some point and then the ending, even if it was cool, related with Secret Wars? It’s gets exhausting and I feel so lost most of the times. I have really bad experiences with volumes 0 when it comes to Marvel because I feel like they’re not really a part of the story but just a way to mention Secret Wars in a very confusing way. Anyway, this book wasn’t bad by any means but I wasn’t that impressed either. I do plan on continuing the series though!

Anyway, any thoughts on Silk? Let me know please!

See you guys soon,



One thought on “Manga/Graphic Novel Review #48 – Silk, Vol:0, The Life and Times of Cindy Moon, by Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, Annapaola Martello and Tana Ford

  1. I’ll be honest, I really don’t see how you think Silk is too perfect. The thing I’ve loved about this series is that Cindy’s a screw-up and a mess. She is very clearly not emotionally healthy. And she’s also not all that great a fighter – she has the advantages of her speed, strength and Silk-sense, but she still struggles against even a Z-list loser in the first issue.

    Side note: Cindy has continued to see her therapist. Which is seriously one of my favourite things about the book. How many superheroes actually go into therapy? Even though they really should? The book also becomes even more about what an absolute mess of a person Cindy is.

    I think Silk has been the best of the Spider-titles for the past couple years. Spider-Woman gives it strong competition, but I think Silk is overall the better book. Even if I do miss Stacey Lee’s art. ( I love Tana Ford, I think she’s great, but damn, Stacey Lee’s amazing.)


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