Book Review #138 – Postcards from the Edge, by Carrie Fisher

Hey everyone!

Here is my review from a book by my favourite princess. This is Postcards from the Edge, by Carrie Fisher.

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When we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale, she’s feeling like ‘something on the bottom of someone’s shoe, and not even someone interesting.’ Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of drug rehabilitation, trying to understand what happened to her life and how she managed to land in a ‘drug hospital.’
Just as Fisher’s first film role-the precocious teenager in Shampoo-echoed her own Beverly Hills upbringing, her first book is set within the world she knows better than anyone else: Hollywood. More of a fiction montage than a novel in the conventional sense, this stunning literary debut chronicles Suzanne’s vivid, excruciatingly funny experiences – from the clinic to her coming to terms with life in the outside world. Conversations with her psychiatrist ‘What worries me is, what if this guy is really the one for me and I haven’t had enough therapy to be comfortable with having found him?’; a high-concept, eighties-style affair ‘The only way to become intimate for me is repeated exposure. My route to intimacy is routine. I establish a pattern with somebody and then I notice when they’re not there?’
Sparked by Suzanne’s and Carrie Fisher’s deliciously wry sense of the absurd, Postcards from the Edge is more than a book about stardom and drugs. It is a revealing look at the dangers – and delights – of all our addictions, from money and success to sex and insecurity.



  • super, super funny
  • Carrie was an actual genius, it is confirmed



  • the more books of her I read, the more I realise that they don’t really differ in subjects or even types of characters



Basically I’ve been powering through Carrie Fisher’s books ever since I decided to start them. This is the first fiction one of hers that I read and I can say that it didn’t disappoint me. It was interesting to see Carrie’s life as a sober person in the shoes of someone else. It was also lovely to see that Carrie really never lost her humour, even in such dark time, like when you have to get your stomach pumped and are in rehab. But, even if I liked this one, I’m starting to realise that she never really diverged from those kinds of topics. They’re always the same in her books, as well as the type of characters and even her tone of writing. And that isn’t necessarily a good thing: it’s definitely where she stands out. But, after you read like four of her books in a row, like I did, they lose their appeal, slightly. Still, my opinion on Carrie’s books won’t change. I think they’re not particularly for everyone, but I think they’re funny, brilliant and really enjoyable despite the strong subjects. I also saw the movie adaptation for this one and it was very good as well! Meryl Streep is lovely in it.

Any fans of Carrie out there? Let me know what you thought of her books.

See you soon,



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