ARC | Manga/Graphic Novel Review #63 – The Guild, Library Edition, by Felicia Day

Hey y’all!

Today I bring you my review for the new comic: The Guild, Library Edition, by Felicia Day.

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Felicia Day, author of You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), brings her original webisodic-sensation to comics with the help of The Guild cast (most of ’em!), crew (producer Kim Evey and director Sean Becker), and an amazing group of artists.
Set before the web series begins, these stories follow lonely violinist Cyd Sherman trying to navigate a frustrating personal life as she stumbles on an online MMO called -The Game-. As she gathers friends in-game, she gains confidence to confront all the problems in her real life. With, ahem, varying results.
The Guild is a pioneer among web series, referred to by Rolling Stone as -[one of] the net’s best serial shows.- Heartwarming and hilarious, this is a comic origin story that brings an award-winning world to life in a unique way that will delight geeks of all ages. Especially gamers.



  • the message
  • Cyd was a great character



  • didn’t really like the art
  • there was just something about it that didn’t really click with me



I really really liked Day’s memoir when I read it last year so I was curious to read any of her other work. But I’m not sure what I thought of this one. I liked this one but for some reason I wasn’t blown away by it. I guess it’s because most of the narrative isn’t that new. The message about online friendships was. And it was lovely. Relationships you create with people online are just as valid as any other. It’s 2017, damn, please understand that! The whole MMO talk threw me off a bit, since it’s definitely not my thing. But Cyd made it worth it. She’s the main character, super funny and lovely. Her real life relationships were terrible for her so I was glad she found something great online. How can I not relate! My biggest down point for this is definitely the art. I didn’t like it at all. Some proportions, specially from the faces of the characters were just so weird. And the colours so bland. I’ve grown very picky with comic book art and this one was hard for me to read mostly because of that.

Have you read this one or the separate volumes? Are you a fan of The Guild, the web series? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “ARC | Manga/Graphic Novel Review #63 – The Guild, Library Edition, by Felicia Day

  1. I’m not a big fan of the art in The Guild comics either (or in many american comics in general) but I love love love the web series! I always watch it if I’m feeling depressed etc.


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