ARC | Manga/Graphic Novel Review #64 – Heathen, Vol.1 by Natasha Alterici and Rachel Deering

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Here is my review for Heathen, Vol.1 by Natasha Alterici and Rachel Deering.

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Heathen Volume One collects the first four issues of the acclaimed fantasy series from creator Natasha Alterici. Aydis is a young Viking woman, who after being banished from her home, sets out on a mission to right the wrongs of a corrupt god. Her first move is to find and free the cursed Valkyrie Brynhild. Gods, demons, and creatures of lore, Heathen is packed with fun intriguing characters and lavish artwork. The trade features an oil painting cover, cover gallery, and a forward by award winning lesbian fiction author Geonn Cannon.



  • gay vikings looking hella cool
  • gorgeous art



  • none



I heard about this comic very coincidently, since one of my current favourite artists (Jen Bartel, go check her out) did a variant cover. And this was just a lovely surprise! I do have a love for viking stories although I havenโ€™t really read anything about it. I thought this was a very lovely redemption. The main character, Aydis, was just amazing! She was so loving and soft but also a total badass and great soul. Her quest and her relationship with both Brynhild and then Freyja were also some of my favourite things. As you might have noticed, this has a lot of mythology played into it although I obviously liked it. But honestly, the real highlight of this one was the art. Iโ€™m usually more into a very clean and girly style but I really really liked this one. Itโ€™s very sketch-like and brown but it worked so perfectly with the story. The character design was ON POINT. Urgh, I really loved this one. Comics can be so much than super heroes and this lovely story just proved that one more time. Canโ€™t wait to read more!

Please get this title! I’ll certainly get my own copy soon.

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