Book Review #166 – The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco

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Here is my new review. It’s The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco.



The beast raged; it punctured the air with its spite. But the girl was fiercer.

Tea is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy makes her a bone witch, who are feared and ostracized in the kingdom. For theirs is a powerful, elemental magic that can reach beyond the boundaries of the living—and of the human.

Great power comes at a price, forcing Tea to leave her homeland to train under the guidance of an older, wiser bone witch. There, Tea puts all of her energy into becoming an asha, learning to control her elemental magic and those beasts who will submit by no other force. And Tea must be strong—stronger than she even believes possible. Because war is brewing in the eight kingdoms, war that will threaten the sovereignty of her homeland…and threaten the very survival of those she loves.



  • gorgeous setting and mechanics of the world
  • slow but engaging writing



  • the main character didn’t really interest me that much, which made me lose a bit of
  • a bit too much setting for the next books



I’ve heard either very good or very bad things about this book so I didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily, I really liked it. Slow development can be a hit or miss for me but I was very engaged in this one. Yes, the thorough descriptions of everyone’s clothes can be a bit too much at times but it also added a lot to the beauty of the world. Which was definitely my favourite part. I loved the whole mythology, the heart glass, the different kinds of witches, etc. It’s also pretty much the most interesting thing about this book since that, in terms of plot, there’s not a lot going on (besides the training of Tea). I didn’t like her that much, she might have been one of my least favourite things about this book, actually. But my least favourite was for sure the whole set up for the next books. The Bone Witch is told mostly by the main character, while retelling her story. She hints a lot of things that are going to happen further in the series, but not necessarily in this title. That was a bit disappointing, I have to admit. Yes, they made me curious to continue the series but it was kinda sad to not see almost anything of what was teased about. In addition, and although I really liked this, I feel like I’ll have to re-read it when the second book comes out since there’s just too many details from both the world and the plot, that I might forget them. Anyway, this was a gorgeous read and one I’ll definitely recommend for fans of witches.

Have you read this one? Are you picking the next book in this series? Let me know!

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