Book Review #65 – Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas

Hello guys!

Today I bring you the review for my first read of 2016! It’s Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas. There will be spoilers for this book and the rest of the series, so beware!

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As the fourth (or fifth, as you may want to count them) book in the Throne of Glass series and approaching the end of it, this title was due to a lot of juicy events!

The days of Celaena Sardothien are over and now, Aelin Galathynius is back and ready for some much awaited revenge!

First of all, let me just talk about what seems to be the major problem everyone has with this book: Chaol and Aelin’s development/relationship. Honestly, I have absolutely no problem with that. I don’t understand how one would even have hopes for those two to be together or even get along after the events of Crown of Midnight. They could never have the same feelings for each other, being those of friendship or love. Think with me, how can Chaol live with Celaena after knowing he basically allowed something so terrible to happen to one of his lover’s closest friends? How could she look at his face (not to mention the scar there as a constant reminder)? I mean, Celaena is not even the same person still. To me, it seems impossible that would ever be lovers again and even friends, like they used to. They both have gone through so much since and they both have another person that they like so that ship sailed with the one Celaena took to Wendlyn at the end of CoM (no pun intended). Yes, they both kinda made terms with Nehemia’s death at the end of HoF but how often do you think you’re ok with someone when they’re away only to realise you’re still not over that problem? I think that, in order to completely move on, they needed to say some terrible things and act the way they did to blow off the necessary steam. Like everything that happened in this book, both their actions seem to me understandable and necessary for their development. Also, I might be wrong but I think Maas is working on a kind of phoenix/rebirth/return stronger than ever plot for Chaol. I just hope so at least. Anyway, fight me (please not literally), but it’s just my honest opinion.

Ok, I just needed to take that out of my system. Now onto the review itself.

I really wasn’t expecting most of the things that happened in this book. Yes, even the cover has the word revenge on it but I just wasn’t expecting so many major things to happen! This is probably the most important book in the series, by far. The surprises not only apply to plot but also to the characters themselves. I finished this almost a month ago and I’m still mindblown by those last few pages.

The book revolves so much around several characters, it was amazing to see progression in all of them. The reading of Assassin’s Blade is definitely essencial to a full understanding of many of the relationships in this book and see how far Aelin has got. Manon is still my favourite (I found out I pronounce her name wrong but I really don’t like the “real” pronunciation so, who cares?). I love how incredibly layered that character is. With each page, the reader discovers another trait of her and it’s honestly so exciting. I don’t really care for any of the male characters in this series. I still really dislike Rowan, even though his atitude is less abusive. Actually, I think its weakness is right there, in the male characters. They all seem so underdeveloped. Dorian’s chapters were boring as hell but necessary I think. In another note, all the females are just wow! I specially love two of the ladies presented, Lysandra and Nesryn. Both huge badasses! And Kaltain, oh boy! I wasn’t a big fan of Elide but I’m sure she’ll be a much more relevant character in the next book.

I was also really pleased with Maas’ writing! She has evolved so much from book one. Her style is flourished and she describes the battles in a most wonderful way. A lot of metaphors are used yes, but they’re beautiful.

What I seriously did not like was Aelin and Rowan’s relationship. It’s all so overly exaggerated and unrealistic. That kind of devotion is so strange. I cannot get past the fact that Rowan is like 200 years old and Aelin is just 19. On top of that, they become kind of sexual in this book and I cannot, that’s so so creepy. Their moments were kinda of cringy overall to be honest.

After having some time to think about, I’m actually kind of considering this book to be my favourite of the series. It’s still a close race against Crown of Midnight but I really loved this one. It’s fast paced, full of awesome and important scenes. I’m absolutely dying for the next book! I’m so glad Maas is a fast writer, because I would honestly die if I had to wait more than a year. I’m also considering pre-ordering book #5 but I never pre-ordered anything so I’m not sure if I should. Any experiences?

I’m so glad to have had this amazing experience with the Throne of Glass series! I basically read all the books in the same year and I’m completely in love with them. Thanks to Tumblr for sharing with me a series I would probably never be aware of otherwise. Although, I have to admit that it kinda of sucks to have to wait a lot of time until the next instalment! I was too used to have always books to left read.

So, let’s discuss Queen of Shadows! Did you like it? Hate it? Or just felt indifference? Let me know please!

Here’s my favourite quote:

“Where will we go?”
“I hear hell is particularly nice at this time of year.”

See you soon,



9 thoughts on “Book Review #65 – Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas

  1. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I can’t say I agree with you about Rowan and Aelin, though. I think they’re in a unique position to understand each other, despite their age difference. Seriously, I cannot wait for book 5!!!


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